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CEO Message

First in Change,
the First in the Changing Era.

FIC Advanced Materials, a leading company of the next generation battery, was the world’s first to succeed in the mass production of silicon anode materials. By developing the technology to overcome changes of the anode market which started the second generation battery era, upon breaking the unified framework of conventional graphite anode material.

FIC Advanced Materials provides the technologies to minimize volume expansion of silicon anode by nano-scale pulverization, evaporation, coating and thereby the company commercializes the high-performance silicon anode material that possesses the enhanced storage as well as stability of graphite. This will create a new milestone in the global secondary battery market.

Indong Advanced Materials provides the manufacturing technology of anode materials that are uniquely spherical assembled which enhances the characteristics of graphite and is produced at a mass scale. Eurocell produces high-powered and high-capacity full cell batteries by using integrated anode with silicon and graphite.
FIC Advanced Materials will lead the battery market by strengthening synergies and collaboration with it’s affiliated companies and achieving mutual growth based on complementary technologies and strengths of the three companies.

Our life will be revolutionary changed in the future using the anode materials of FIC Advanced Materials, for example, longer flying drones, cellphones without the needs of supplemental batteries, automobiles that can drive over 1,000km on a single charge, vacuum cleaners without the need of a battery exchange, and so on.

Battery, a core growth engine for the future!
FIC Advanced Materials is the world’s best in the silicon anode market with core technologies for capacity, stability, durability and will continue this to sustain it’s leadership.

Thank you.

CEO, FIC Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.유성운